Early marriage is a common occurrence amongst Malaysian students at the tertiary level regardless of their social class and place of education. Many young Muslims have begun to consider matrimony as a stronger and more important statement of love towards their significant other compared to the cultural traditions of courting (ie. dating). Although, it is now seen as a social norm, especially in Malaysia, a great number of these individuals do not know the twists and turns of marriage and the vital importance of religion, familial finance, emotional management and family planning in this new phase of their life. Taking all these into consideration, it would be detrimental to proceed without sufficient knowledge of what marriage is all about. This is chiefly so to Muslim Malaysian students studying overseas, away from families – who traditionally are the beacons of light and constant reminders for matrimonial matters.

With the explicit intention of following the glorious commands of Allah and the blessed traditions of our Beloved, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Persatuan Pelajar Muda Sydney (PPMS) in collaboration with Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) –Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, Persatuan Kakitangan Perkhidmatan Ugama (PKPU) –Religious Service Staff Association, Education Malaysia Australia (EMA) and Queensland UMNO Club Australia – has conducted a concise course and series of lectures spanning two nights pertaining to the above matter which are hoped to be adequate as a powerful foundation for a stable, happy and loving marriage. And at the completion of this course, the participants will also be issued an official certificate from JAKIM, certifying their eligiblity for marriage according to Malaysian Law.

The ‘Islamic Premarital Course’, the first of such event organized in Sydney by Persatuan Pelajar Muda Sydney (PPMS) – is mainly funded by Islamic Help Australia, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), Education Malaysia Australia (EMA), Islamic Sciences & Research Academy Asutralia (ISRA) and IKRAM Australia.


 To educate participants especially Malaysian on the understanding of marriage in Islam in both the conceptual and practical context.
 To provide a platform of learning for students to discover the real meaning and purpose of marriage in Islam and its responsibilities according to    Fiqh Munakahat (Islamic Jurispudence on Marriage & Family)
 To prepare the younger generation of Muslim Malaysians in Sydney for what is to come in married life.
 To emphasise the importance of the family institution in accordance with the teachings of Islam.
 To provide knowledge on the management of relationship between spouses, familial finance and future planning.


Persatuan Pelajar Muda Sydney (PPMS) is a non-profit organisation that aims to build the human capital of Malaysian students in Sydney by organising events and providing opportunities that enriches their talents and skills that can be applied not just in their local community but also in their future careers.

In 2015, PPMS committees are very committed in introducing and creating opportunities for Malaysian community in Sydney to be highly competitive and prepared for Malaysia future development. Thus, PPMS is known to be the first in introducing an event called ‘Malaysia-Sydney Youth Day (MySYD)’ where part of the event known as ‘The Apprentice’ have successfully cultivate the entrepreneurial and creative talent which can be seen as extra factors needed for a developing country such as Malaysia.

With the reputation built, Persatuan Pelajar Muda Sydney (PPMS) committees decided on creating another platform for Malaysian community in Sydney to be highly prepared to contribute not only in professional field but also in social development. Therefore, Islamic Premarital Course is thought to be the first baby step taken by us for Malaysian community in Sydney chiefly Muslims.



In order for the conducted Islamic Premarital Course to be recognised by Malaysian Government and official certificates can be issued to the participants , 4 accredited speakers from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) were invited.

Accredited Speakers
1) Dr Roslan Johari Dato’ Mohd Ghazali, Director of Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital, Malaysia.
2) Mr Mohd Roska Rasidek, Senior Deputy Director, Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)
3) Mr Ahmad Termizi Zainudin, Deputy Director, Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)
4) Mr Hazman Hashim, Deputy Director, Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (JAWI)

The arrival of the guest speakers on 19th August 2015 at Sydney International Airport were welcomed by our representative and they were brought for lunch at ‘Indo Rasa’ Restaurant, one of famous restaurant in Kingsford that offers Halal food. Throughout their stay in Sydney, they were placed in Malaysia Hall Sydney located at Alison Road, Randwick.


Such a welcoming act provided by us cannot be done without the cooperation and support from one of our partners and sponsors, Education Malaysia Australia (EMA) where transportation as well as speakers’ accommodation in Sydney were provided by them.


It became a tradition to make the very first session of the course an ‘Opening Ceremony’. Muhammad Rushdan Mohd Azhar was appointed as Master of the ceremony. In this ceremony, we thanked and introduced our guest speakers, invited VIP guests, sponsors and partners who have contributed in making our vigorously planned course a success.


Words of welcome and appreciation by Nurnazlina Mat Hassan as Deputy Director of Islamic Premarital Course kicked off the ceremony. In her speech, she thanked our guest speakers and invited VIP guests, Mr Mohd Asri Abdullah, Second Secretary of High Commision of Malaysia in Australia and Mr Mohammed Khidzairy, Education Attache, Education Malaysia Australia (EMA), Vice-Consul, Consulate of Malaysia Sydney for enlivened the ceremony.

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Short briefing by Mr Ahmad Termizi, our guest speaker from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) followed after. Conditions and requirements participants need to fulfil to qualify them with certificates issued by JAKIM which certifying their eligiblity for marriage according to Malaysian Law were explained during this session.

Since the course had been planned with a tight schedule, we ended the session at 6.00 pm to allow our participants to perform their Maghrib prayers. Dinner were provided for the participants taking into consideration that the program started early and will be ended late at night. Thus, we extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors, ‘TJ Halal Meats’ and ‘Abang Sam Catering’, without whom free-two-day-dinner for the participants would not be possible.

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Mr Mohd Roska Rasidek:
He is a Senior Deputy Director, Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). He showed extensive expertise when discussing on the issue of faith and the act of worshipping Allah in Islam.


Mr Ahmad Termizi Zainudin
As a Deputy Director in Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), Mr Ahmad Termizi discussed on procedural matters for legalized marriage in Malaysia. He really knows how to communicate with his audience so that the intended contents participants need to know can be effectively delivered.


Mr Hazman Hashim
He is well-versed when discussing on morality and social issues. As a Deputy Director of Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (JAWI), he shared his personal experiences during which opened up our mind on the reality of today’s world.


Dr Roslan Johari Dato’ Mohd Ghazali
For the health related session as in Module 6 and Module 7, the best speaker would be the one who has expertise in such field. Therefore, Dr Roslan Johari, a Director of Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital is the best man chosen and accredited by Malaysian government to be discussing and presenting for these two sessions.



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Although the Islamic Premarital Course – New South Wales Chapter have ended on 20th August 2015, we brought all four guest speakers for a day visit to Sydney City before they went to Brisbane for the next chapter of Islamic Premarital Course.

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Our Islamic Premarital Course – New South Wales Chapter can be considered as a successful event as it had accomplished all its objective. However since this is the first time of such event organized in Sydney, there are always room of improvement that can be done to improvise the management of such events in the future. We hoped that this course will become a strong foundation in educating the youth of Malaysia in Sydney on the significance of the institution of family and the conceptual and practical understanding of marriage in accordance with the teachings of Islam. With all the feedbacks, hopefully this event will continue in the years to come with great improvements could be done in making this event more significant and meaningful.

Persatuan Pelajar Muda Sydney (PPMS) together with our partner, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) dan Queensland UMNO Club (QUC) would like to again extend our greatest appreciation to all the enthusiastic committees and our event sponsors, Islamic Help Australia, Education Malaysia Australia (EMA), Islamic Sciences & Research Academy of Australia (ISRA), IKRAM Australia, TJ Halal Meats and ‘Abang Sam Catering’ in making this event a success.

Prepared by,
Elia ELIA SHAFIAH SHAMSUL LIZA Secretary Malaysian-Sydney Youth Student Association (PPMS)

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