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Driving in Australia

Students who intend to drive in Australia must obey Australian law. An oversea driving license holder must obtain translation if the driving license is not in the English language. You MUST either carry an English Translation or an International Driving Permit. You may refer to the RTA brochure to enrich your information.

Please comply with all the requirements before Education Malaysia Australia (EMA) can process your application smoothly. An incomplete application may delay in processing the application. Please contact EMA if you are facing any problems in filling up the application form.

A Malaysian student holding an Australian permanent residence visa is strictly not entitled to apply, as driving on a foreign license while holding this type of visa is illegal. Please contact your local road traffic authority to apply for a local license.

Translate Your Driving License With Education Malaysia Australia

No fees will be charged on this service for Malaysian students including their spouse (please include a copy of proof of marriage for an application for spouse).

Non-Malaysian students holding a Malaysian driver’s license can use this service with a processing fee (receipt will be issued upon payment). Please contact us for details.

Translation Fees

  • Application form (This application form is *.doc file type. Please do not convert to *.pdf or *.jpg)
  • Scanned Malaysian Driving License front & back

  • Scanned Extension Malaysian Driving License front & back

  • Scanned Student ID

  • Scanned Malaysian Identity Card (IC) or Passport

*all scanned documents must be in *.jpg format.

Required documents

Application by postal mail.

  • Download application form: 


  • Please send a complete application form together with the documents required to address:

  • Consulate of Malaysia (Education Malaysia Australia) ,67 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill 2023 NSW



Application by e-mail.

How to Apply

For any enquiries, please call us at (02)9327 7565.

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