Official staffs of the Consulate of Malaysia Sydney (Education Malaysia Australia) can perform notarial acts which include:



Certifying copies of original documents

Witnessing signatures on certain documents

Endorsing thumbprint

Affidavits, oaths and affirmations​

Please Note: Our staffs do not have the authority to provide legal advice, to draw up legal documents or to guarantee the legal effectiveness of documents they witness. You are responsible in seeking advice from your solicitor or department that you have liaised with. Our duty is to verify that the original documents have been sighted or to ensure that the identification of the person signing the documents has been verified.


Business Hours


10:00 a.m – 12:30 p.m




14:30 p.m -16:00 p.m. 

Notarial Fees

  • AUD5.00 per signature

  • We accept cash and Australia post money order ONLY as method of payment.

  • Receipt is issued upon payment.


  • The turnaround time takes up to 3 working days from the submission of your documents, you can collect your documents in person or choose to have them mailed.

  • Should you choose to have them mailed, please provide appropriate return envelope as we do not take any responsibility in the case of loss.


Mailing Document to Us

Documents requiring certification or Authentication can be mailed to the Consulate of Malaysia Sydney along with the correct payment. Any documents that require witnessing of signatures cannot be mailed in and must be presented in person.

Requirements for mailing in documents:

When mailing documents to our office you need to send:

  • The original document with the relevant signature/stamp/seal affixed.

  • Payment – In Australian Dollars only via Australia postal money order

  • Your contact details.

Returning documents

Our office will normally return documents by regular mail. If you require a document to be returned by express or registered post you must provide a pre-paid stamped express/registered post envelope when submitting the documents.