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Why do you need to register with EMA?


Australia is a great destination to pursue your tertiary education. A very beautiful island continent-country and a definite student friendly environment with over 400,000 international students studying at Australia. 


However, it is very important for Malaysian students to maintain close contact with EMA for emergency purposes. This would enable us and respective Malaysian Government Agencies in Australia to act accordingly in times of emergencies. Additionally, a registered student will be given priority of any latest updates and offers by EMA.


Malaysia Hall Sydney and Perth and covering these states:

New South Wales / ACT

Western Australia


Email me at for any inquiries 

Ms Kartini 

our dedicated attaché is ready to assist you!

The Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia (MASCA) is the official student representative council for Malaysian students in Australia.

Are you allowed to drive and work in Australia?

Planning to ship your personal effects/household goods back home?


Opportunities for Malaysian Students in Australia

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