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Come to Kelantan, Malaysia - Experience the Culture

1st International Summer School 2019 at University Malaysia of Kelantan (UMK)

An inspiring summer programme is opening now for students to meet new people from all around the world and explore the city with the real cradle of Malay Heritage. This programme offers a multidisciplinary approach into the exploration and transformation for bioresource. This summer programme are fantastic opportunity to travel and experience to learn about the Malaysian language, culture, and daily life in Malaysia especially in Kelantan. Students will have the opportunity to visit many significant cultural sites, and have the opportunity to immerse themselves into Malaysian culture. The title of the 1st International Summer School 2019 is Bioresource: Exploration and Transformation and will be elaborated in several subthemes, in the forms of lectures, workshops and simulations. During the programme, students would learn, make contacts, present the countries they are coming from and tour the natural and cultural heritage of Kelantan, Malaysia.

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