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UTM SummerSchool – Malaysia Tropical Educational Experience (UTM MyTREE)

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia welcomes students from across the globe to take part in the UTM SummerSchool – Malaysia Tropical Educational Experience (UTM MyTREE) and study at Malaysia. The program is a two or three-week program that offers a number of interesting courses. It has a wide application related to the environment, local community, heritage, and tradition.

Below is the list of courses that are still available for the 2019 session: 

1. SS04 – The Social Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED)

2. SS05 - Biodiversity EcoAqua Summer School (BESS)

3. 09 SS07 - UTM Tropical Rainforest Summer School

4. SS19 – Environmental Ecoexplorer Summer School (E2S2)


- The date can be amended according to your request for both 2019 and 2020 session if you would like to send at least 15 participants.

- 1 place is free for every 4 students registered with us (4 paid +1 free = 5 students). 

- The deadline for 2019 is on 12 June 2019


Join us for two or three weeks and discover how UTM MyTREE can be the key to unlocking your inner passion and potential!

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