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ASEAN Studies Summer Programme - Experential Learning

Package name

ASEAN Studies Summer Programme - Experential Learning

Why is this interesting for me?

The program explores the collaborative mechanisms within ASEAN and Indo-Pacific countries. Specifically the lectures will address the rise of ASEAN regionalism, the similarities and differences of the geographical, socio-economic and political conditions of the region, the issues and challenges of sustainability in the ASEAN context, and ASEAN regional collaboration and cooperation. This course furnishes the participants with current issues within and beyond the region, as well as addresses the cultural diversity and unity of the region. Besides theoretical knowledge, there will be interactive learning session by academic experts and special meetings with regional stakeholders, followed with field visits and excursions to urban and rural sites (learning the historical and cultural heritage, political and traditional values embedded in the region).



How long is the course?


Please state the duration for "OTHERS"

12 Days /11 Nights


USD 700

Price inclusive?

Course Materials, Field Trips, Transportation

Learning objectives

This program provides an experiential learning for participants, it allows for the exchange of ideas on contemporary issues and cultural understanding of the nations and communities of South East Asia. Upon completion of the program, students are able to examine the impact of economic modernization and political development on ASEAN regionalism. Students are also able to demonstrate awareness of the challenges faced by ASEAN nations with respect to the impact of globalization, its cultural diversity and identity issues. It will also provide an interactive platform to discuss issues on sustainability from the perspective of ASEAN and beyond. All these affects the economic transformation, state-civil society relations, and changes in interactions across ethnic, religious, culture, and gender.

What do I expect to learn?

Will also allow students to participate in seminar and workshops, as well as weekend trips and excursions to urban and rural sites in Malaysia. Throughout the course, students get to uncover the unique cultural and ethnic diversity of Malaysia and their rich traditions and landscape that constitute the nation. Students will visit several locations to observe, participate and experience the lives and the activities there. They will be meeting several stakeholders and will then get back to the campus to describe, compare and contrast their findings. By the end of the course, they are required to submit their report for assessment.

How do I experience learning?

Field Trips/ Field Excursion, Study Tour, Presentation, Active Learning

How am I assessed?

Presentations, Participation, Attendance, Report, Report

Is the certificate is awarded upon completion of the programme?


Call for action:

Dr. Sharifah Rohayah Sheikh Dawood

School of Humanities ,

Universiti Sains Malaysia ,

11800 USM ,Pulau Pinang.Malaysia.

Tel: +60 46533857

Fax: +60 46532911


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