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Biodiversity & Eco-Tourism

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Package name

Biodiversity & Eco-Tourism

Credit transfer?


Why is this interesting for me?

Focuses on socially responsible travel, personal growth, and environmental sustainability which will involve travel to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions.


Jan, Feb, Mac, April, Mei, June, July, August, September, Oktober, November, Disember

How long is the course?

2 weeks

Language proficiency

At least Intermediate Level as English will be the medium of instruction


Based on number of participants. Fee is lower than USD800/pax for 15 participants and above.

Price inclusive?

Accommodations, Food, Course Materials, Field Trips, Transportation

Learning objectives

The course is designed to provide a working knowledge of the science of conservation biology while providing opportunities for touring the country and getting to know its vibrant culture.

What do I expect to learn?

By the end of the course, participants should be able to: 1. Appreciate the symbiotic relationship between biodiversity and human survival 2. Understand diversity of fauna and flora of Malaysian forests 3. Understand the conservation efforts by local authorities 4. Appreciate procedures and techniques used in conservation 5. Contribute more meaningfully to conservation efforts 6. Gain an overview of Malaysia's cultural and tourist highlights 7. Understand and appreciate cultural differences

How do I experience learning?

Lectures, Site Visits, Field Trips/ Field Excursion, Study Tour, Discussions, Group Activities, Presentation, Seminar, Visits and interacting with local community, Educational Tours

How am I assessed?

Participation, Attendance, Questionnaires

Is the certificate is awarded upon completion of the programme?


Note for students?


Call for action:

Prof. Dr. Cheng Ming Yu / Ms. Kok Li Kuan

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman,

Jalan Sungai Long, Bandar Sungai Long, Cheras,

43000, Kajang, Selangor

Tel: +603-90860288 Ext: 181/182

Fax: +603-9019 8868


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