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Intensive English Programme

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Package name

Intensive English Programme

Why is this interesting for me?

The Intensive English Programme is designed to provide social and academic English language instruction to students preparing for university life and to those intending to improve their English proficiency in a university environment.

To develop students’ confidence and competence in using English in social and academic environments.


Jan, March, June, August, November

How long is the course?

3 weeks


USD 1737.27

Price inclusive?

Course Materials, Permit Fees, Insurance, OTHERS

Please state the price inclusive for "OTHERS"?

Admin fees

Learning objectives

To develop students’ confidence and competence in using English in social and academic environments

What do I expect to learn?

Local and international students who have been accepted into a postgraduate degree programme but lack adequate competence in English to meet the university’s requirements.

How do I experience learning?

Lectures, Discussions, Group Activities, Presentation, Tutorial, Projects, Active Learning, Outdoor Activities, Indoor Activities

How am I assessed?

Presentations, Participation, Attendance, Final outing, Skill test, Discussions

Is the certificate is awarded upon completion of the programme?


Note for students?

The minumun number of participants must at least more than 10 people. This is due to the way the programme is structured. Depending on mutual agreement, credit transfer options are also available.

Call for action:

Mr. Azril Ali

School of Languages, Literacies & Translation, Universiti Sains Malaysia,

11800 Minden, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Tel: +604-653 4881

Fax: +604-656 9122


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