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Mak Yong Theater : Malaysian Intangible Heritage

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Package name

Mak Yong Theater : Malaysian Intangible Heritage

Credit transfer?


Why is this interesting for me?

Participants will be exposed with the Malay culture and art such as Mak Yong (UNESCO World Heritage) and interact directly with artists and Malay culture & art practitioners.



How long is the course?

1 week

Language proficiency

Basic English



Price inclusive?

Accommodations, Food, OTHERS

Please state the price inclusive for “OTHERS”?

Local transfer

Learning objectives

  1. Transfer of knowledge and skills regarding Malay culture and arts to the international community;

  2. Introduce and empower Mak Yong as Malay art;

  3. Introducing basic Malay language.

What do I expect to learn?

  1. Introduction to Mak Yong history

  2. Introduction to Mak Yong musical instruments

  3. Introduction to Mak Yong performance practices and repertoire.

  4. Step by step tutorial on Mak Yong performance.

  5. Experience performing a shirt skit of Mak Yong theater.

  6. Visit to cultural place around Kelantan.

How do I experience learning?

Group Activities, Demonstration, Practicals, Outings, Exposure to traditional theatre performance

How am I assessed?

Participation, Report

Is the certificate is awarded upon completion of the programme?


Note for students?

Come, learn and experience Malay Culture with us.

Call for action:

Dr. Yohan Kurniawan

Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Locked Bag 01, 16300 Bachok Kelantan, MALAYSIA.

Tel: +6097797126



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