Media Art Exchange (MAX)- Digital Story Telling.

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Media Art Exchange (MAX)- Digital Story Telling.

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Media Art Exchange (MAX) is a 2-week exchange program that introduces students to digital storytelling and explores ways that students can use this technology and the art of storytelling for their creative expression. MAX emphasizes the usage of digital media to produce expressive content and students are able to participate in the multiple steps of designing, creating and presenting or disseminating their own digital stories.

Students can build several technical literacy skills through workshops with local experts. The participants will get hands-on experience as well as tips & tricks on a wide range of media production techniques. These include: digital imaging, physical computing, video production, multimedia authoring, interaction design, sound design etc.

The program offers visits to industry and local art and cultural events not only for the exposure to digital media culture and practice in Malaysia, but also for the interaction with practitioners and players in the industry. Artist talks and sharing session offer the participants a range of perspectives drawing on media art expertise and experience from lecturers and artists.

Participants get to develop a small project addressing the challenges of culture, media and society and gain the experience and portfolio for producing and exhibiting in an exhibition.