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Study Visit@AIMST

Credit transfer?

Certificate of Completion will be awarded to students who have successfully completed the programme. As credit award policies vary among universities, you are advised to check with your home university if the credits you earn in the programme you participate in at AIMST can be transferred over to your home university. You will need to do this before you enroll for the programme. The duration of the internship mus be at least for one (1) month period.

Why is this interesting for me?

AIMST study visit offer an internship opportunity experience for students to work at a selected department or faculty for a pre-determined duration as an intern. The Intern is normally from undergraduates from AIMST partner-universities. The duration of the internship may be between one month and 6 months.

It offers students a hands-on opportunity to work in their desired field. They learn how their course of study applies to the real world and build a valuable experience that makes them stronger candidates for jobs after graduation. An internship can be an excellent way to "try out" a certain career. “You need experience to get experience.” This seems to be the biggest issue for young adults transitioning into the workforce these days. Basically there are a few Reasons Why An Internship Is Important For Your Future Career: 1. Provides real life experience and exposure 2. Opportunity to learn more about yourself 3. Get connected and develop professional network 4. Transition into a full-time position 5. Prevent CV from going to the trash


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