UKM-GSMP: The Power of Future: Fuel Cell and Sustainability

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UKM-GSMP: The Power of Future: Fuel Cell and Sustainability

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The awareness of how important environmental sustainability has become a global issue. Among the steps to sustain sustainability is the use of fuel cell technology, which is also a branch of renewable energy. The concept of this technology is environmentally friendly in the production of electricity: without combustion (no excessive CO2 pollution), electrical production uptake of up to 60% (exceeding conventional combustion energy sources) and silent (less systematic moving parts). The course aims to provide the background and method of conducting a scientific research that revolves around the energy field of fuel cells, hydrogen energy and a little introduction in molecular modeling. The aim of the course is to form the basic mindset of the researcher to the participants, while applying the fuel cell system as an alternative energy generator, hydrogen energy and its basic operating principles and to discuss the general theory of electrochemistry, instrumentation and electrochemical characterization methods to fuel cells. Courses are also complemented by laboratory work to give the participants a real working environment, while the knowledge assessment will be conducted in the form of competition. In this regard, participants will also participate in scientific exploration visits to increase their awareness of the importance of renewable energy for the future.



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3 weeks