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USM Summer English Camp

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Package name

USM Summer English Camp

Why is this interesting for me?

Provide basic instruction in communication as well as individual language development. The course content relates directly to the learners' language experiences and abilities.


July, August, September

How long is the course?

2 weeks



Price inclusive?

Accommodations, Course Materials, Field Trips, Transportation

Learning objectives

By the end of the programme, students should be able to:

Understand and use basic grammatical patterns and structures in everyday situations;

  1. Develop basic English vocabulary for communication;

  2. Develop their confidence and competence in using English;

  3. Improve and enhance their overall language proficiency.

What do I expect to learn?

Aside from improvement in language efficiency. We students can also expect an exhilarating activities planned by USM. Penang is an excellent place for exploring the north-western coast of peninsular Malaysia. Every weekend we offer excursions to places of interest in Penang. These include trips to the USM Museum and Gallery, Penang Museum, Penang War Museum, Fort Cornwallis, Penang Butterfly Farm, Penang Hill, Tropical Spice Garden, Tropical Fruit Farm, P.Ramlee’s House, City Hall Esplanade, Batik Factory, Little India, Botanical Gardens, and Youth Park etc.

Apart from exploring the wonderful and exotic Island of Penang, students may get the chance to visit other exciting places around Malaysia, such as the Historical Town of Malacca, Kuala Kangsar, Taiping Zoo, the exhilarating Genting Highlands Theme Park and the magnificent Vision City, Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

*The charges for these visits are optional and they are not included in the fee. Excursions will run subject to demand and enrolments.

How do I experience learning?

Lectures, Field Trips/ Field Excursion, Discussions

How am I assessed?

Participation, Attendance

Is the certificate is awarded upon completion of the programme?


Note for students?

The minumun number of participants must at least more than 10 people. This is due to the way the programme is structured. Depending on mutual agreement, credit transfer options are also available.

Call for action:


School of Languages, Literacies & Translation,

Universiti Sains Malaysia,

11800 Minden, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


Fax: +604-6569122


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